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Customer Background:A leading MSP based in Florida, managing a network of 300 devices and 17 servers, faced significant challenges in providing after-hours support and managing their daily tickets efficiently. Their existing team struggled to cope with the workload, leading to operational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction.

Worksent’s Approach:In February 2019, the MSP partnered with Worksent to streamline their support operations. Worksent’s scope of work included 24/7 NOC support and 8am-8pm helpdesk support. They leveraged tools like Atera, BMC Client, Veeam Backup and Replication, and Sophos to manage RMM, tickets, backups, and antivirus. Worksent’s engineers were integrated seamlessly into the MSP’s workflow, accessing a dedicated support mailbox and using VOIP solutions like 3cx for inbound calls, Skype, and MS Teams for internal communications.

Challenges Faced:The MSP’s major challenge was the lack of after-hours support and insufficient resources to handle the daily ticket load effectively. This resulted in a backlog of tickets, poor responsiveness, and recurring issues, leading to lost time and operational inefficiencies.

Worksent’s Solution:Worksent provided a comprehensive white-label support solution, initially starting with 24/7 NOC support. As the partnership evolved, Worksent extended their support to an additional 12 hours, adding more dedicated engineers to manage helpdesk tickets. This allowed the MSP to offload 80% of their technical issues to Worksent, including new project implementations and commissioning.

Results Achieved:By partnering with Worksent, the MSP achieved significant improvements in their support operations. They were able to reduce ticket resolution times, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their overall service quality. Worksent’s proactive monitoring and efficient ticket handling led to a more responsive and reliable support service, ultimately reducing operational costs and improving the MSP’s bottom line.

Conclusion:Worksent’s partnership with the MSP exemplifies how strategic outsourcing of NOC and helpdesk support can transform a company’s operations. By providing reliable, white-label support services, Worksent enabled the MSP to focus on core business activities, drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional service to their customers.