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Are Talent challenges holding back your business growth?

Let us help you solve talent needs with our Ready-to-deploy remote techs.
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Onboard a dedicated tech or team on your own terms.

Hiring, managing, and retaining talent is becoming increasingly challenging for MSPs. The evolving IT infrastructure and technology require higher skillset technicians, leading to skyrocketing costs associated with resources due to increased demand. This trend significantly impacts MSPs’ profitability and growth potential.

We assist MSPs and TSPs in meeting their talent requirements by offering full-time dedicated remote techs exclusively for them at a fraction of the local cost. Our Techs will function as your remote team during your preferred time zone, whether it’s business hours or after-hours.


How our talent solution can help grow your MSP business


Remote Team for enhanced efficiency and Coverage

By leveraging our remote team, MSPs can free up their onsite technicians to focus on core customer-centric tasks and handle advanced and complex tasks and projects. Meanwhile, our remote techs excel at managing routine tasks such as first-level helpdesk support, preventive maintenance, system health monitoring, backup integrity tasks, and patch management. This division of labor increases overall business efficiency and allows for a more streamlined operation.

A remote team operating in a different time zone also benefits MSPs by extending their service coverage and supporting customers around the clock. This ensures that critical business impact issues are addressed and resolved proactively. Also, by relieving onsite techs from the burden of being on call during nights, holidays, and weekends, MSPs can improve employee satisfaction and reduce churn, leading to a more stable and productive workforce.

Bridging talent gaps at a lower cost

MSPs are grappling with a talent shortage due to the evolving nature of technology and businesses’ widespread adoption of digital digital solutions. The heightened demand for skilled professionals has significantly increased the cost of operations for MSPs, making hiring and retaining talent challenging. However, compromising on talent is not an option for MSPs, as they are critical providers of mission-critical IT solutions relied upon by customers.

Our Remote Talent solution addresses this challenge by offering access to talented, certified, MSP-ready techs at a fraction of the local cost, with no strings attached. These techs require no additional training as they are already familiar with and trained in MSP environments. They are available during your preferred business hours or after hours, providing the flexibility needed to meet your staffing requirements. This cost advantage allows MSPs to hire more talent, deliver superior customer support, and enhance profitability.

what you get

What all roles we help MSPs to solve with talent solution?

When you partner with Worksent, you get peace of mind from recruiting, training, and managing technical resources for your support function, including:

Creating Success

What makes MSPs partner with us for Talent needs?

Short Term or Long Term, On Your Terms

We offer flexibility to meet your staffing needs on your terms, whether for short periods to cover holidays or for longer durations. This allows MSPs to scale up during high task volumes and scale down when things normalize.

Saves up to 60% costs

With our strategic location advantages, we help MSPs with a significant cost saving of up to 60% compared to hiring locally. In addition to the direct savings, helps to avoid costs associated with managing, training, and retaining talents.

White Label, Platform Agnostic

Our white-label approach ensures seamless integration with your brand. Our Techs works as your dedicated remote team supporting your customers on your behalf and thus helping you to thrive MSP business.

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FAQs about our Remote Talent solutions

Looking to learn more about our Remote Talent solutions? Browse our FAQs:

We can onboard a tech for you within a week if the job role matches the resources available in our Talent pool. Otherwise, external hires take 45-60 days.

Yes, we can hire resources to match your needs within 45-60 days.

We can provide Techs during your standard business hours, after-hours, and weekends.

Techs work 9 hours daily, including a one-hour break, 5 days a week ( 40 hours per week ), following standard labor rules.

Techs may voluntarily extend their shifts for high-critical issues, but regular extensions are not possible due to employee well-being.

We provide backup resources or adjust prorated days amount on consecutive month invoices for leaves and holidays.

The notice period is 30 days. Based on talent availability, replacements are provided as soon as possible with a maximum of 30 days.

Techs are provided with Windows 11 systems with dual displays, protected by Sentinel One EDR, and our office facilities have multiple high-speed internet connections.

Yes, we conduct background and reference checks to validate personal, academic, and professional information during our hiring process.

We operate as a Work From Office (WFO) company, where all our Techs work from the office. However, they can work from home for essential personal reasons, subject to approval from both the customer and internal team manager, provided sufficient power and network availability.