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Today’s digital world demands businesses to be the most reliable and secure. Growing businesses rely on networks to take themselves to the wider audience out there. As reliable Managed Service Providers, you need to provide round-the-clock services that makes your businesses grow across the globe. Managed Service Providers are meant to simplify organizations’ business networks. Building an offshore team for your Managed Services will be an intelligent and strategic decision that incredibly fosters the growth of your business.

This is the right time for MSPs to start building offshore team. Offshoring is not really a new concept as it has been doing the rounds for the past few years in the business world. Offshoring is associated with a list of enormous advantages that make your business scale up the ladder and stay ahead of the competition.

Offshore Key Benefits

Once you are convinced with the benefits of an offshore team, we can find that our pre-assumed concerns and its limitations can be fully covered by a trusted white label partner, who can later contribute for better business results. From the efficient utilization of time differences to expanding your business, the benefits of building an offshore team to support Managed Service Providers in their day to day operations are umpteen. Let us consider in detail the key benefits of setting up offshore teams to scale your MSP business.

Cost optimization

Leverage the complete potential of Offload On-site engineers

Extend support coverage for 24/7/365

Complete NOC coverage for critical systems and network

Expanding the search across the globe

Improving the bottom-line

Increased focus on your business

Auto-scaling the MSP team

Cost Optimization

When we come into partnership with trusted white label companies, the main concern of Managed Service Providers is that of costs. i.e., cost in terms of infrastructure and in salaries. But building an offshore team considerably reduces such costs. There will be significant differences in the salaries paid for the offshore team when compared with the salaries of equally qualified professionals in our in-house team.

Leverage The Complete Potential Of Offload On-Site Engineers

Worksent’s team of offload on-site engineers can offer you a comprehensive list of services ranging from alert monitoring, backup checks to everything that ensure optimal performance and organizational productivity. Our on-site engineers constantly check for all types of anomalous activities happening on the network. We are responsible for the complete authentication and authorization of the entire system by providing efficient monitoring and management of organizational networks.

Extend Support Coverage For 24/7/365

We have the potential to completely leverage the benefits of time zone differences and cleverly convert it to resolve the issues quickly within the specified time frame. Our team, best utilizes the advantages of working ahead and behind the local time, providing an overall benefit of extended support coverage for 24/7/365. Having a perfect collaboration with your in-house department and that of our offshore team working at two different time zones in effect produces a 24 hour development work circle.

Complete NOC Coverage For Critical Systems And Network

Our technicians are highly vigilant in identifying serious alerts, categorizing the issues based on its severity and working in unison to resolve such critical issues. Whatever the case may be, let it be a hardware failure, anomalous activities on the network or any type of security breaches, we provide you with the right support and brilliantly reduce the outages. The main advantage of our offshore team is that they clearly understand your businesses’ dependency on networks and are dedicated to keeping your network secure and reliable.

Expanding Your Search Across The Globe

Depending on your organizational requirements, Worksent can provide you with the best set of highly qualified professionals for your offshore development choices. Guaranteed with innovation and quality, the team helps you to have a wonderful network experience that is simpler, faster and flexible. An affordable modern network infrastructure that enables your business to stay at the forefront of the competition is our strong focus.

Increased Focus On Your Business

Building a separate offshore team for your Managed Services streamlines many activities inside your business. Growing businesses rely greatly on networks and to provide uninterrupted connectivity with fewer issues will eventually result in the growth of your business. A productive MSP offshore team manages multiple networks efficiently even at the peak business timings.

Auto-Scaling The MSP Team

Delegating the offshore team according to your MSP business requirements is quite an easy task. You can shrink or expand the roles of technicians depending on the demand of the time.

Improving The Bottom-Line

Cost-effective solutions and lower operational costs, faster and reliable connectivity, minimal downtime, supporting high traffic, resolving network challenges, high-speed network etc. guarantee consistent performance and improve the business bottom-line.

How To Set Up a Productive Offshore Team?

Building an innovative offshore team can practically boost your MSP business. Here, let us go through some simple steps in formulating a well organized offshore team that will not drain your pockets.

Step #1: Search For An Ideal White Label Outsource Partner

Trying to find out a perfect white label outsource company that ensure intelligent performance is the main task for an MSP. Once you prepare a short list of such selected white label companies, try visiting their offices and arrange a formal meeting with the top-tier management and the technical team. If you find out the best team that help you meet your MSP business objectives, start working together that build a progressive relationship.

Step #2: Setup the Team By Choosing Well-seasoned Engineers From The Team

From the large talent pool of technicians and engineers, you can choose the right professionals who can launch your business in the right track for accelerated growth. Based on the requirements of your project, you can select suitable professionals with desirable technical qualifications to form a great team.

Step #3: Assure Special Training To Seamlessly Integrate With Your Sops

Providing coherent training assures successful results and helps the new team to work in parallel with the existing SOPs and system. Sharing of responsibility and mitigation of risk equip the team to come up with fast and robust solutions.