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With the global managed services ready to cross $257.84 billion by 2022, the future looks promising for MSPs. According to the “Annual Report on IT Budgets and Tech Trends,” enterprises across the world are rapidly leveraging service providers to support their sophisticated business workflows and applications. As the dependency on cloud and managed services increases, it also opens up intense competition for enterprises along with a line of new opportunities in the shifting market framework.


Why MSP’s Are Looking Out For A Change

Service providers often tend to add multiple new offerings to their catalog so that they can go out and seek high-end clients who can generate more sales. Unfortunately, many a time they won’t have enough time and resources to undertake this initiative, with their staff busy performing modest tasks day in and day out.

In such circumstances, a few years back MSPs would have gone back to the market-leading vendors who connect their business to the relevant software, services, and people that they need to run and grow their business. But it led to cases where they ended up paying more for less/limited services which don’t fulfill their exact requirement. As they provide solutions that are non-customizable to the changing needs of your clients, these vendors anchor you down to the few services that they offer through their platforms, instead of expanding your service bandwidth: a classic case for catch-22 for service providers.

To effectively overcome this tight spot, MSPs require partnership with someone who offers highly customizable services and human resources that would help you increase your service spectrum reducing the risk associated with tackling the rapid growth. In these cases, such a partnership eases the burden on your technicians and redirects your technician time to more strategic, revenue-generating activities.

What Is A White Label Partnership?

Many service vendors offer you the opportunity to leverage up and re-sell your services in this way; which is known as “white labeling”. With the paradigm shift that is happening within the MSP offered services domain, more providers are today changing their focus from market-leading vendors to white label partners.

To be precise, the white label partner creates a “plug-and-play” service for your business that is custom-made to reflect your corporate identity. They provide you the resources where their workforce acts as your remote employee, using your email, ticketing system, RMM, and documentation system to support your customers under your brand name. With a white label partnership, you can reduce your staffing cost up to 60%.

So if your vendors are not extending you the opportunity to white-label your products or don’t offer customized products and services as per your business needs, then it’s time to seek out a vendor that does.

Why White Label Partners Are Important For Your Business?

Smart businesses review their vendor options constantly. One of the main decision criteria is whether a distributor partner should be able to supply the product or service allowing them to place their own brand name in front of customers. That’s where the importance of partnering with white label providers comes into action.

A partnership with the white label providers allows you to integrate additional values into your business. They help you to legally resell your brand name with the goods and services produced by your partner company along with allowing you to provide outstanding services with the niche expertise that they put forward. Thus leaving your customers more satisfied and content, you can also get to broaden your business without expanding the resources.

The major reasons justifying why your business needs a white label partnership are as follows:

  • Provide additional value to your business
  • A source to attain more leads
  • An increment in the bottom line
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Expansion of your service offerings
  • Improvement in the standards of customer services
Benefits Of Having A White Label Partner

Let’s see how they can further help you accelerate your business growth to increase profitability and improve quality.

1. Cost Management

One of the most common reasons why businesses prefer white label partners is to minimize and manage the costs. Many businesses assume that the “hire-as-you-grow” approach is best for them. But your profitability and growth rate can actually be hindered by this as you locate, recruit, train and maintain in-house employees to serve your customers as you grow the business. With a white label partner, however, you will have the means at a moment’s notice to scale up or down human resource power, helping you mitigate these costs and reduce them.

Outsourcing support services also enable companies to concentrate their workers more on high-value, income-generating ventures, resulting in increased ROI.

2. Increase In Performance

With the integrated plan provided by efficient white label partners, you can tap into the experience of an entire workforce of qualified IT professionals operating as an extension of your team. Your workers will be more involved with their day-to-day efforts and carry on more revenue-driving jobs with the outsourced technicians tackling resource-heavy tasks.

Outsourcing will also help you work more effectively and serve more clients utilizing smarter, patented technologies and committed technological expertise.

3. Enhance The Delivery Of Services

Many clients today demand 24×7 services, and the inability to deliver the same can lead to dissatisfied users, grievances, and potentially big headaches. Fortunately, with the aid of a white label partner, you can alleviate many of the problems connected with running a 24×7 operation.

Without the high costs, thus you will be able to provide round-the-clock IT support for your customers through their backend NOC support and frontline Helpdesk services. Outsourcing will provide you with the manpower you need to improve your service delivery and encourage customer loyalty without having to raise your headcount or payroll.

4. Risk Reduction

You may be at significant risk if you are attempting to serve customers with sub-optimal systems or if you don’t have all the knowledge and training needed to help those organizations. Therefore, a third-party partner who is willing to handle it is always better to pass the danger off.

Top NOC facilities are fitted with the right kind of equipment to ensure optimum security. The IT-managed service team handles all maintenance issues for your entire IT network infrastructure with the latest network protection technologies securing your valuable business data. Because of their higher level of experience in the industry, they would have the information to make informed choices, have the right solutions and resources for your business, and ensure that risk is minimized.

5. Emphasis On Business Growth

It is neither realistic nor feasible to be a jack-of-all-trades in this line of industry. Controlled NOC services provide management and on-demand reporting capable of identifying, reporting, and addressing critical problems in real-time. They can easily detect threats and other issues within the network to improve your network reliability. They are designed in such a way that they keep an eye on the equipment and items to ensure that workflows are done properly at all times.

How To Get Started

Outsourcing to a white label partner is the answer if you’re looking to be more competitive in your managed services business.

As companies consider white label partnership, one of the main concerns is a certain lack of authority. When there is a proprietary infrastructure that needs to be protected, choosing the right partner is of utmost importance. Especially when you turn your crucial business functions over to a stranger!

Finding the right white label service provider who can satisfy your current and future needs will be your main challenge. Here is a checklist that you can use while reviewing a potential white label partner for your business.

While considering ensure that they:

  • use updated RMM tools for NOC services delivery and they are integrated with your proprietary platform for Professional Services Automation (PSA)
  • provide real-time as well as daily reports
  • possess significant certifications and host upskilling activities for their workers
  • have rigorous security procedures in place
  • have a high SLA level
Rounding Off

Technology control, remote troubleshooting, and other programs (services) provided by white label partners help to ensure that enterprises do not lose money unnecessarily but instead have a better return on investment. Monitoring of technology allows problems to be found beforehand and eliminates some of the issues that may cause the device to fail and hinder the processing of transactions. The ability to update existing technology without replacing the entire system saves money and allows businesses to upgrade the network as it becomes more cost-efficient for them.

How WorkSent Is Leading This Change?

Worksent Technologies is a White Label Partner to Managed Service Providers (MSP), IT Service Companies, Cloud Service Providers, Datacenters, and SaaS vendors.

We have partnered with 60+ IT service companies across the globe since 2015 and continue to support and work around some of the acute challenges/issues faced by them through our NOC, Remote Staffing, Helpdesk, DevOps services.

We have transformed the lives of our clients from bad vendors who charged higher amounts for meager services to support insufficient systems, making it look sufficient, and also for those clients who looked for customized tools to satisfy their business needs rather than getting dictated by market vendors.

Our client businesses have benefitted significantly through our various value mix like low cost to the market model, customized operating model (as per the client needs), state of the art infrastructure, and certified 90+ resources with deep subject matter experts who are dedicated to our customers 24/7, 365 days to meet their urgent requirements.

As a white label partner to your business, our team will work as your Remote Staff using your tools, following your SOPs under your banner.

Our Operations Center is located in Cochin (a city in Kerala State, India) Infopark (Centralized IT park owned and operated by State Govt) with 7500 Sqft office space running 24.7.365.