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Struggle to build a team for cybersecurity needs?

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Managed Service Providers play a crucial role in safeguarding clients against cyber threats, often requiring significant upfront costs to establish a dedicated cybersecurity team and acquire essential tools. These costs can be prohibitive for small MSPs, limiting their ability to provide robust cybersecurity services to their customers.

Worksent offers a solution by providing specialized Security Operations Center (SOC) services tailored to the needs of small MSPs. Our SOC services include both SOC staffing and managed SOC solutions, allowing MSPs to access trained and certified cybersecurity professionals who monitor, identify, and mitigate threats around the clock.


How our SOC services can help MSPs achieve MSSP capabilities


Helps you build a dedicated SOC Team

A skilled and dedicated team is paramount for success in cybersecurity, yet many MSPs face challenges in assembling such a team due to high payroll costs and a shortage of talented resources in their region. This gap in cybersecurity capabilities can significantly impact MSPs’ business growth.

Our SOC services provide MSPs with a remote team that monitors their existing cybersecurity stack around the clock. This remote team offers a cost-effective solution, reducing the expenses typically associated with establishing a 24/7 SOC facility. By leveraging our SOC services, MSPs can efficiently manage and mitigate security threats while keeping operational costs in check.

Helps you provide ready to deliver Managed SOC

Building a cybersecurity tech stack often incurs significant upfront costs, and managing the implementation adds further administrative burdens for MSPs.

To alleviate these challenges, we offer MSPs our managed SOC service powered by AT&T Cybersecurity and SentinelOne EDR. This solution frees MSPs from needing upfront investments in people, technology, and processes, as we handle everything internally. MSPs can then offer our Managed SOC service to their customers as their own, enhancing their cybersecurity offerings without the associated hassles and costs.

what you get

What is included in our SOC services?

At Worksent, we provide comprehensive SOC services tailored to meet the unique needs of MSPs. Our services include:

Creating Success

What makes MSPs partner with us for SOC needs?

Cost-Effective Customized Solutions

MSPs can build and scale SOC services without hiring and training additional staff, reducing operational costs and ensuring high-quality cyber security support to their customers.

White Label Support

Our white-label approach ensures seamless integration with your brand. Our Techs works as your remote SOC team protecting your customers IT infra on your behalf and thus helping you to thrive MSP business.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of trained and certified professionals has years of experience managing SOC operations for MSPs, ensuring your customers are protected against the latest threats.

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FAQs about SOC Services

Looking to learn more about our SOC services? Browse our FAQs:

We offer SOC services in two ways: SOC as a Team and Managed SOC. SOC as Teams provides remote SOC specialists for managing existing SOC services. Managed SOC is a comprehensive suite of solutions for MSPs without a SOC solution.

We respond to P1 alerts within 30 minutes, P2 alerts within 1 hour, and P3 & P4 alerts within 24 hours.

P1 alerts are escalated through phone and email, while all other alerts are escalated via email.

We have partnered with AT&T Cybersecurity for SIEM and SentinelOne for EDR management.

Yes, our services are purely white-label, allowing you to resell our SOC services to your clients without any reference to Worksent.

All our SOC contracts are for a minimum of one year.

Billing is based on the type of SOC service you opt for. SOC as a Team is based on the number of resources you onboard or the service coverage you need. Managed SOC is based on the average volume of data ingested but at a predictable fixed monthly cost.

We can onboard support in a week.

Our SOC center is in Kochi, India.

We prioritize data security and compliance by maintaining ISO 27001:2013 ISMS certification. Our systems and network are safeguarded using SentinelOne EDR and Fortinet Firewalls. Additionally, we utilize an internal Security Operations Center solution powered by AT&T Cybersecurity to enhance our security posture further.