24.7.365 NOC Services

Vigilant Guardians of Your Servers and Network

Effective monitoring and management of servers, networks, and endpoints are paramount for the success of any MSP; even minor disruptions in servers or networks can significantly impact MSPs and their customers. However, establishing and operating an in-house NOC requires substantial administrative effort, time, and capital investment. This often diverts MSPs from their core focus and hampers profitability.

WorkSent empowers MSPs and IT Service Providers as a managed NOC service provider with 24.7.365 platform-agnostic NOC services driven by our trained and certified NOC team. Functioning as an extension to your onsite technical team following your SOPs and tool stack, our team will be immediately accessible and scalable on demand.

NOC: Tailor made for MSPs

24/7 monitoring
24/7 Monitoring
alert remediation
Alert Remediation
RMM administration
RMM Administration
backup management
Backup Management
EDR management
EDR Management
patch management
Patch Management
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Desktop Monitoring Desktop Alert Remediation Patch Management Antivirus / EDR Monitoring Daily Summary report Antivirus / EDR Administration Disk cleanup & workstation health checks Vendor Coordination RMM Tool Management - Automation, Best Practices etc
Server Monitoring Server Alert Remediation Storage Device Monitoring Patch Management Antivirus/ EDR Monitoring Daily Summary Reports Quarterly Proactive Health / Security Checks Backup Monitoring & Reporting Backup management, Administration & Reporting Periodic Backup Restore Test Storage Device Alerts Remediation Antivirus/ EDR Administration Frimware Updates - Firewalls, Server Hardware & Storage RMM Tool Management - Automation, Best Practices etc On Demand Tasks Vendor Coordination - ISPs, Backup, EDR, RMM & PSA
Network Monitoring Network Alert Remediation Firmware Updates - Firewall, Router etc Vendor Coordination - ISP, Network Hardware and Software vendors
NOC Add-on
Windows Server Management and Troubleshooting Hyper-V and Vmware administration Network and Firewall Administration Microsoft Exchange Server Administration Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Administration

Why partnering with WorkSent matters

Our approach allows you to effectively streamline costs and optimize efficiency, leading to a direct enhancement of your bottom line.

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New revenue scope without adding headcount or incurring major costs

Platform and brand-agnostic support

Zero Administartive and Operational headache

Experienced team in all leading RMM and network monitoring tools

Space and time to focus more on your core business activities

Competitive pricing with standard and premium support flexibility

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